Jim McGovern votes to oppose the Bedroom Tax

5 September 2014

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has voted today in the House of Commons in support of a Bill which aims to alleviate some of the impact of the Bedroom Tax.

A Private Member’s Bill has been presented before the Commons, the Affordable Homes Bill, which aims to exempt properties from the Bedroom Tax which came under the following circumstances;

a) those whose homes have been adapted to meet a disability need

b) those who need all their bedrooms because of a disabled member of the household or close family who can’t share a room because of their disability,

and c) those who have not had a “reasonable offer of alternative accommodation”.

The Bill passed the vote in the Commons with 304 in favour and 231 voting against.

Labour supported this Bill because it would offer some alleviation for those in need immediately, however the party believes that the Bill did not go far enough. Labour are committed to abolishing the Bedroom Tax outright if elected to government in May 2015.

Jim McGovern said;

“The Bedroom tax is an appalling policy which has had a cruel impact on venerable households.

“I voted against it from the very beginning and I will continue to oppose it.

“Today’s Bill had worthy aims in seeking helping some of those households in need right away, which I why I wanted to be in Westminster to support it.

“However the only way to see the Bedroom Tax abolished altogether is to vote Labour next May.

“This inhumane and counterproductive policy will be put to rest by the next Labour government.

“The people of Dundee need a welfare system that works for them by providing a much needed safety net for those who hit hard times, as well as helping those into work who can.

“They need houses built, not to find themselves penalised because they happen to have an extra room.

“The Bedroom Tax does nothing to address those needs and does more harm than good, which is why I am fully behind Labour’s plan to scrap it.”



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