Jim McGovern condemns SNP Bedroom Tax hypocrisy

5 September 2014


Jim with other Labour MPs. (second top row)

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Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has accused the SNP of showing blatant hypocrisy after it emerged that only two SNP MP’s showed up to vote against the Bedroom Tax.

The vote in the House of Commons to exempt more people from the Bedroom Tax was passed by MP’s in Westminster, including Labour and Liberal Democrats MP’s. All Scottish Labour MPs were present and voted in support of the Bill.

Jim McGovern said;

“I am shocked that so many SNP MPs failed to vote against the Bedroom Tax today.

"We had before us an opportunity to make a real difference to those in Dundee who have been hurt by this policy.

"I and my Labour colleagues seized that opportunity but the SNP were nowhere to be seen.

“The SNP have been vocal in their opposition to this policy so I am surprised that most of them did not bother to show up to vote.

"Yet again we only hear warm words from the SNP but precious little action.

“The SNP in Dundee will now have to explain to the people of Dundee why so many of their MPs decided not to take action against the Bedroom Tax.

"They will have to explain what was more important than that.

"I fear their obsession with separation has lead them to forget the job they were elected to do, to represent the people of Dundee and Scotland.”

“I am proud that the Labour Party took a stand today.

"Today’s vote was an important step in seeing the back of the Bedroom Tax.

“The SNP are guilty of stunning hypocrisy today.

"It is clear from their attitude that there is only one way to get rid of the Bedroom Tax entirely; that is to vote in a Labour government in Westminster next year as part of the UK.”




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