Jim McGovern calls for rail ticket simplification

 6 September 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern today spoke during a House of Commons debate on rail fares to call for a simplified ticketing system on Scotland’s railways.

Jim McGovern put the question to the recently appointed Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin MP.

The Secretary of States agreed that this is an issue which should be looked in to, but some of the responsibility lies with the Scottish Government.

Mr McGovern pointed out that it was cheaper to buy a rail ticket from Dundee to Perth, then a second ticket from Perth to Glasgow then it was a direct single ticket from Dundee to Glasgow.

The Opposition Day Debate was called for by the Labour Party in Westminster to call on the government to act on the rising cost of rail journeys throughout the UK. The Labour Party have advocated a limit on future price rises to 1% above inflation

Jim McGovern said,

“The complicated ticket system that passengers have to put up with in Scotland is unacceptable and costs travellers far more than they should be paying.”

“The UK government have allowed prices rises across the UK to increase to unacceptable levels. Action must be taken to protect consumers and to bring prices down. A limit on future prices rises as proposed by the Labour Party would be a good place for them to start.”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“Scotland’s railways need to see increased infrastructure improvements, increased capacity and a ticketing system that is both simple to understand and which represents good value for money for travellers.

“Both the Scottish and UK governments must look to act on these issues as a priority.”


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