Jim McGovern quizzes David Cameron on zero-hours contracts   

6 November 2013 

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern today questioned David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions about the use of zero-hours contracts in the Palace of Westminster and government departments in Whitehall.

This follows on from a question raised by Mr McGovern to Scotland Office Minister David Mundell on September 11th about the use of zero-hours contracts in that department.

At the time the Minister could not provide the relevant information.

The Prime Minister was likewise unable to provide any figures on the number of government employees on zero-hours contracts, but he did assure Mr McGovern that a review was underway, particularly for those prohibited from working of other employers while on these contracts.

The Scottish Affairs Select Committee, which Mr McGovern sits on, has announced that they are also to investigate zero-hours contracts in Scotland.

Jim McGovern said;

“It is clear from the complaints I and other MPs have received from our constituents that the use of these contracts is reaching epidemic levels throughout the country.

“They are leaving too many working people without job security and without a reliable income.”

“I welcome any attempts to understand this problem, but I find it greatly troubling that we do not yet have accurate figures on the full scale of this problem.

“It is vital that if parliament and the government are to act they must get their own house in order, which means understanding and addressing zero-hours contracts in the public sector.”

“I will continue to press the government to get the information we need to understand this problem, and I sincerely hope the government follow Labour’s lead by pledging to bring an end to these contracts where they exploit working people.”




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