Jim McGovern slams government over Remploy ‘betrayal’          

7 December 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has slammed the government’s decision that the Dundee Remploy factory was amongst Remploy operations now planned for closure.

The Sayce Review recommended that the Remploy factories that were not closed in the first tranche should be considered for transfer into commercial businesses.

Jim McGovern had sought assurances on a number of occasions that this would be case with the Remploy factory in Dundee, which would have enabled it to remain functioning with the current employees in place

However in a written statement the government confirmed the factory would now close with all employees at risk of compulsory redundancy.

Ester McVey MP, the minister responsible for this decision in the Department for Work and Pensions, appeared before a debate on Remploy (Tuesday 4th December) where she suggested she would be happy to visit the factories to see the work they were doing.

No mention was made at the time by the minister that these factories were planned for closure.

Nationally 875 employees are now at risk of compulsory redundancy, including 682 disabled workers.

The Dundee Remploy factory employs 43 people, of whom 37 are disabled. 

Jim McGovern said,

“This is a complete betrayal of Remploy by the government.

“Despite the Sayce Review recommending that these factories could find a future as commercial enterprises which would have enabled the staff to keep their jobs, the government for ideological reasons has decided to put Remploy’s hard working staff out on to the dole.

“Questions have to be answered by the government about what they knew on Tuesday when the minister responsible answered questions from myself and others about the future of Remploy.

“If Esther McVey knew they were going to close, why wasn’t she honest with us from the outset?”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“This shameful decision has been taken despite the fact that Dundee’s Remploy factory is in fact a very successful operation.

“Now the dedicated employees and management are facing redundancy.

“I will continue to fight this decision and I will work with colleagues to get a better result for Remploy’s staff.”

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