Jim McGovern  welcomes Transport Scotland report into Dundee Airport  

7 December 2013

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has welcomed the publication of a report by Transport Scotland which sets out recommendations for the future of Dundee airport.

In their report Transport Scotland state that their analysis shows there is likely to be a demand for increased domestic, international and chartered services from Dundee if HIAL and other involved parties commit to their own detailed analysis, marketing and other commercial activities to encourage airlines and passengers to use Dundee airport.

The report however warned that if action was not taken by the relevant authorities the future of the airport could be placed in jeopardy.

Jim McGovern said,

“I very much welcome this report by Transport Scotland.

"I have long been calling for a comprehensive investigation about securing the future of Dundee airport.”

“The airport is vital to Dundee’s economy and expanding services, increasing income and providing more affordable flights will be essential for the airport’s future.

“I am heartened by Transport Scotland’s confirmation that there is likely to be demand for more domestic, international and chartered services from Dundee if those responsible for running the airport make the case to the industry and to passengers.

"I have been arguing this for many years.

"There is little excuse not to see services improved if the involved parties, including the Scottish Government, operator HIAL and Dundee City Council fully commit to doing so and follow this through with action.”

“If HIAL, Dundee City Council and the Scottish Government do not take the actions recommended by Transport Scotland there is a real risk we could lose the airport altogether.

"This would be terrible for Dundee’s prospects as we prepare to welcome more visitors to the city after the waterfront development is completed.

"I hope those responsible take this seriously and take action without delay.”

Mr McGovern concluded;

“I will be keeping a close eye on progress being made by HIAL, Dundee City Council and others to encourage airlines and passengers to use Dundee airport.

"Seeing that this happen is crucial for Dundee’s continued regeneration and I will keep the pressure on to ensure that it does.”


Transport Scotland’s analysis of likely demand for improved services at Dundee can be downloaded here




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