Jim McGovern presses Government on Energy Prices

9 March 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern today pressed the Department for Energy & Climate Change to take action over increasing energy prices and energy poverty.

Mr McGovern’s question comes in the wake of the ‘Big Switch Campaign’, organised by Which? and the 38 Degrees campaign, which urges government action to better enable consumers to switch energy companies in order to reduce their energy bills.

It also comes as the Dundee Labour Party pledges to renegotiate energy deals for council tenants if elected at the forthcoming local elections, in order to cut the amount council tenants pay for their energy by 20%.

The government’s response highlighted the need for more collective energy deals for consumers, and initiatives like the warm home discount.

Jim McGovern said;

“The rising cost of energy at a time of increasing unemployment and stagnating wages is causing great difficulties for too many in Dundee and across the country. People should not have to choose between heating and eating.”

“The government must do more to empower consumers to make better choices about who provides their energy, to follow Dundee Labour’s lead in encouraging local authorities to negotiate better deals for council tenants, and to tackle the inflated prices caused by the wholesale energy markets.”

Mr McGovern concluded;

“The government must take action on rising energy prices and ensure that consumers are enabled to make the best choices for them.

"They must encourage local authorities to negotiate better deals for council tenants and to ensure that it is consumers who benefit most from the energy markets, and not just the shareholders of the big energy companies.”  


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