Jim McGovern condemns the government as "out of touch and out of ideas"  

9 May 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern today described the Queen’s Speech as irrelevant to the concerns of ordinary people in Dundee.

The speech, which set out the government’s legislative agenda for the coming year, pledges to put into law a planned cut in public sector pensions and will seek to enable the state to better monitor citizen’s internet use.

Jim McGovern said;

“The government has confirmed what we have feared for some time, following a budget which means that millions will pay more so that millionaires will pay less, they have now proved that for the majority of people there will be no change and no hope. “

“The Queen’s Speech failed to offer anything new to get the economy growing, and it fails to tackle unemployment.

"Also at a time of increasing costs of living it is shameful that this Tory-led government opted not to address the rising cost of essential utility bills.”

“The decision to put into law the proposed changes to public sector pensions, including the government’s 3% contribution increase, at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet is a disgrace.

"The government should be supporting, not punishing, hard working public sector employees.”

Mr McGovern concluded;

“What we needed to see was a plan for growth, a plan to get people into work and a solution to rising living costs.

"The government have failed to deliver that. Instead they are punishing public sector workers and seeking to snoop on citizen’s internet use.

"This is the wrong plan at the wrong time.”


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