Jim McGovern : Statement on the Queen's Speech

9 May 2013 

For many people in Dundee the last three years have seen things get worse, not better.

On Wednesday, the Tory and Lib Dem UK Government set out its programme for the coming year and it told us what we already knew – that this is a tired Government that is running out of ideas.

There was nothing in this speech to boost employment, no action to tackle rip-off energy companies and not a single move to ease the squeeze on families who are struggling to make ends meet.

 If they wanted, the Government could have set out a bold agenda to really get to grips with the problems that matter, but instead we just got more of the same.

If Labour was in power across the UK today, we would have introduced a Jobs Bill to get the 17,000 Scots who have been unemployed for more than two years back to work.

We would have introduced an Energy Bill which would have tackled rip-off energy companies and made sure that Scotland’s 400,000 over-75s were put on the lowest tariffs.

And we would have cut VAT to support Scotland’s small businesses.

The people of Dundee are being let down by two Governments in Edinburgh and London who aren’t taking the action we need to get Scotland back on track.

We had an empty legislative programme from the Scottish Government last year and now we have the same from the UK Government.

After three wasted years with this UK Government, today was another wasted chance. 

For the people of Dundee,the separatists and the Tories need to stop dithering and start taking action.



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