Jim McGovern joins public sector employees in support of pensions strike 

10 May 2012

The picture shows Jim McGovern, appropriately attired for the weather, with public sector workers at the HMRC picket at Sidlaw House, Dundee Technology Park.

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern joined public sector employees on strike in Dundee, to support their calls for the UK government to scrap planned pensions changes.

The government’s plans will see public sector employees work longer, with higher pension contributions as they work, while receiving less money when they retire.

The trade unions taking part in today’s national strike include the PCS, Unite, UCU and the RMT.

Jim McGovern said;

“After speaking with the public sector workers on strike today in Dundee it is clear that the government have got pension reform badly wrong.

“At a time when hard working public sector workers are struggling to make ends meet, punishing them and forcing them to lose ever more money is unacceptable.”

“What we need is a comprehensive reform of both public and private sector pensions that ensures that employees get a fair settlement, and they are able to retire with dignity.

“The current package fails to deliver that.

“I have always maintained that contributory pension schemes should be regarded as deferred wages, and on that basis I do not know of any workers who would accept a wage cut without opposing it.”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“I wholeheartedly support the public sector employees out on strike today, and I hope the government use this opportunity to realise that a new direction is needed for pensions.

“We cannot continue with the unfair system they are seeking to implement, nor can we allow a generation of future pensioners to face retirement without the means to support themselves.”



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