Jim McGovern calls for more employment support

11 February 2012

Following a meeting with staff at DEAP ( the Dundee Employment and Aftercare Project ), Jim McGovern said,

"Recently I had the privilege to visit Dundee Employment and Aftercare Project (DEAP) on Dundonald Street where I witnessed firsthand the work being undertaken to get people back into work."

"DEAP is an organisation on the frontline of reducing the high unemployment rate currently hitting Dundee, particularly among those aged 18-25.

"The Next Steps project launched by DEAP last year, which aims to build confidence focusing on the needs and aspirations of young people, is an excellent example of the type of program that we need to see more of if we are to reduce unemployment and create long term sustainable growth across not only Dundee but the UK."

"During my meeting with Neil Bell, Program Manager and Mary Hamilton, the Chief Executive of DEAP, I was made aware that currently, if someone asks for employment support from DEAP who does not fit into government specified categories, they are forced to turn them away.

"It beggars belief that when we have a situation of high unemployment such an action is has to be taken. I will raise this issue further at Westminster.

"By increasing the funding for projects such as this, I believe unemployment would be lowered, benefits costs reduced, and we would go some way in tackling the shockingly high levels of child poverty rate by creating jobs for the parents of those children.

"We need a new vision for getting Dundee and the UK back to work and it is projects like DEAP where it starts."


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