Jim McGovern saddened by Papal Resignation   

11 February 2013 

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Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has spoken of his sadness at the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to tender his resignation.

Jim McGovern said,

“I am extremely saddened to hear that the Holy Father has had to tender his resignation, but I am grateful for the almost eight years he has been in office.”

“I had the great pleasure to be introduced to the Holy Father in September 2007.

“I was in a group of six Members of Parliament, all of whom were members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Holy See, of which I am treasurer.”

“To this day I do not know if someone had given the Holy Father advance information but when we were introduced  I said; “I am delighted to meet you Your Holiness”, to which he replied, “You must be the Scotsman.”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“The Holy Father will be greatly missed across the world. His dedication and commitment will be an excellent example to those who follow after him.”


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