Jim McGovern calls for more support for Brittle Bone Society in Commons

13 January 2012

Jim McGovern MP has called on the Secretary of State for Health to ensure that future support for the Brittle Bone Society, who are headquartered in Dundee, would not be harmed by funding cuts to the voluntary sector.

The Dundee West MP also called on the government to do more to support adults who suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta.

The Brittle Bone Society have long been concerned that while government has provided support for children who suffer from this terrible condition for many years, much less support is offered to patients once they reach adulthood.

Andrew Lansley was unable to answer in detail, but said he would meet with Mr McGovern.

This follows on from the visit Mr McGovern paid to the Brittle Bone Society on Monday 9th January.

During that meeting to congratulate the society on a successful bid for lottery funding, he spoke with staff and volunteers, as well as Chief Executive of the society Patricia Osborne, to hear their concerns.

Jim McGovern said,

"After meeting with the Brittle Bone Society earlier this week and hearing their concerns I felt it was important to bring these to the attention of the government.

"The voluntary sector is being hit hard by cuts and many groups like the Brittle Bone Society are greatly concerned about the uncertainty this places on their work.

"It is vitally important that they receive the support they need to keep providing essential support to patients."

"I was also troubled to hear about the lack of support offered to people with brittle bone disease once they reach adulthood.

"This is totally unacceptable.

"I will be meeting with the Secretary of State to raise these concerns."

Mr McGovern concluded,

"The UK government and the Scottish Executive need to do much more to ensure that patients of all ages get the support they need, and organisations like the Brittle Bone Society are enabled to continue providing that vital support."

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