Dundee Airport :  Comment on letter to Dundee City Council by Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Airport

Jim McGovern

13 February 2014

Scotland is a large country with cities spread far from each other.

I fundamentally disagree with Gordon Dewar in wishing to see Scotland’s airport infrastructure focus largely on the central belt.

Just as Aberdeen and Inverness require a dedicated airport to service their economies so too does Dundee.

As a user of this service I regularly speak with business passengers who tell me that a connection between London and Dundee is good for business and vital for the city’s economy.

This is also the view of local people and expert opinion.”

In their report last year Transport Scotland made clear their view that there is a strong case for Dundee airport becoming commercially viable.

Our airport can be a success with the right investment, better marketing, more routes and competitive prices.

The on-going development of the city will see the airport become even more vital.

I am confident HIAL and the airlines will recognise this and turn the airport into a profitable concern with no need for the current subsidies.





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