Jim McGovern criticises government inaction on jobs as Dundee unemployment increases

13 September 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has criticised the lack of action from the Scottish and UK governments in order to create jobs in Dundee.

According to official statistics released today there are now 3,806 people claiming jobseekers allowance in the Dundee West constituency, representing 10% of the working age population, and an increase of 40 individuals since July 2012. It is 222 more claimants then in August 2011.

The unemployment rate in Scotland increased overall, which now stands at 8.2% of the population. Dundee West’s unemployment rate is above the Scottish and UK averages.

Jim McGovern said,

“It is clear that the Scottish Government and their counterparts in London are failing Dundee.  It is totally unacceptable that while unemployment in Dundee increases far too little action is being taken.”

“What we need to see is a comprehensive plan to get the economy growing and to create jobs. Unless that takes place Dundee’s unemployment rate will continue to increase.”

“I have recently met with construction industry workers in Dundee, who have said to me that their situation is far worse than it’s ever been in the city; when those on the frontline say that the situation is bad it is entirely inappropriate and indeed offensive of the SNP to accuse them of talking down the city. The Scottish Government must listen to their concerns and act without delay.”

Mr McGovern concluded;

“The Scottish Government and ministers in London must now work together using the powers they have to get businesses setting up and expanding in Dundee, and to stop unnecessary job cuts in the public sector.”



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