Jim McGovern supports recognition of Palestine in House of Commons vote

14 October 2014

Voting in favour of recognition of Palestinian statehood in Monday’s debate, Dundee West MP Jim McGovern reaffirmed his support for the Palestinian people

On the first full parliamentary day after conference recess, the debate secured by Labour MP Grahame Morris argued the question ‘That this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.’

Dundee West Labour MP Jim McGovern has long been a supporter of the right of Palestine to achieve statehood and has tabled several parliamentary questions and signed multiple Early Day Motions to bring the plight of Palestine and its people to the fore of the political debate.

Speaking on the matter, he said:

“Labour has consistently supported the principle of recognising statehood for Palestine and I myself have pressed the Government for answers and action on Palestine on multiple occasions.

“There is also a determined international push to achieve Palestinian recognition at the United Nations with fourteen EU nations voting in favour of Palestine securing ‘enhanced observer status’ at the UN and I will be doing everything that I can to ensure that Palestine gets the recognition that it needs.

“We all saw the bloodshed in Gaza once more this summer and it should not be allowed to happen again.

"From this debate we can take a step towards a long-lasting peace settlement for although recognition cannot be an alternative to negotiations, it can be a contribution to securing them, allowing for a future where the people of Palestine and Israel can peacefully live side by side.”




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