Jim McGovern slams government welfare reform policy

19 July 2012


Dundee West MP Jim McGovern today slammed the government’s reforms to welfare policy, as it was revealed by Dundee Job Centre Plus that a significant number of people in the city who are unemployed may be adversely affected when the planned changes are introduced.

The proposed cap of £350 a week for a single person, and £500 for a family, means that any costs of living that exceed that cap will have to be found elsewhere.

Concerns have been raised that as housing and living costs increase some claimants may find themselves unable to afford their rent, food or heating and needing to go without some necessities in order to find the money.

The exact number of those affected is difficult to calculate, as people move in and out of claiming of benefits, but Mr McGovern was glad to hear assurances from Job Centre Plus that those who may be affected will be notified before the changes are implemented and support will be offered.

Jim McGovern said;

“It is disgraceful that this Tory-led government are going to make the lives of too many Dundonians harder because of their ideological cuts.”

“Those who need benefits were not to blame for the financial crash, but while the government are giving a £40,000 tax cut per millionaire, ordinary people are being made to suffer.”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“We opposed these measures from the outset, and it is clear that as they are being implemented the government have got welfare reform very wrong indeed.

“I will continue to make the case that these reforms should be reversed immediately and the government should return to the drawing table.”


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