Jim McGovern supports Secretary of State’s comments on video games industry

19 September 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has supported comments made by the Secretary of State for Scotland that separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom would be “disastrous” for the UK video games industry.

The Secretary of State, Michael Moore MP, was responding to a question by Mr McGovern on the likely effects of separation for the industry during a session of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee in Westminster on Monday 17th September.

Mr. McGovern also pressed the Secretary of State to put pressure on the Treasury to make progress with implementing tax incentives for the industry, which were promised by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the last budget. Michael Moore assured him that he would contact the Treasury about the issue.

Jim McGovern said,

“The views of the Secretary of State chime with my own and many within the industry.

“If Scotland separates from the UK this vital industry could be significantly harmed.

 “After the recent Scottish Government report, which ridiculously claimed the industry contributed nothing to Scotland’s economy, despite industry estimates of the industry putting £1billion into our economy every year, there are serious questions to be asked about the SNP’s commitment to supporting the industry.”

 Mr McGovern concluded,

 “As part of the United Kingdom the video games industry will benefit from tax incentives and the benefits derived from being a part of the world’s sixth largest economy.

 “Separating Scotland from the UK would prove a very dangerous move for this and other industries, as well as for the Scottish economy as a result.”



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