Jim McGovern criticises ‘lacklustre’ Budget 

20 March 2013

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has criticised the Chancellor’s budget as doing nothing to ease the burden for ordinary people, nor to boost the economy and create jobs.

The Budget came on the same day that unemployment statistics revealed a rise in unemployment benefit claimants in February in Dundee West. 

According to official statistics there were 3,575 claimants in total. This was 81 more individuals claiming out of work benefits compared to January 2013, and 60 higher than the same time last year.

Jim McGovern said,

 “For all the Chancellor’s minor tweaks today there was virtually nothing in this lacklustre budget to get the economy growing and jobs created.

 “There was very little to help ordinary people who are struggling to make ends meet.

"They have done nothing to address decreasing living standards or inflating utility bills, while giving a tax break to millionaires.

“Today’s alarming jobs statistics shows that the government’s economic strategy is not working in Dundee.

"What people need is jobs.

"The aggressive cuts being pursued by the Chancellor is only making matters worse.”

 Mr McGovern concluded,

“It is disappointing but not surprising that the Chancellor is sticking with his failed plan A.

“Sadly I fear it will be ordinary people in Dundee and around the country that will pay the price for his failure.

 “This was a downgraded budget from a downgraded Chancellor.”


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