Tayside Construction Forum : Jim McGovern hears of " its good work on apprenticeships and local employment"

20 May 2013

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Jim McGovern MP for Dundee West today met with Ian Lindsay former Managing Director of Brown Construction who is now involved in the Tayside Construction Forum (TCF) project to discuss the need for greater training and apprenticeships as well as improved employment of local labour on sites across Tayside.

Following the meeting Mr McGovern said:

“I was delighted to hear the good work being undertaken by the Tayside Construction Forum on the issue of apprenticeships and local employment.

“The forum supports all sectors of the building trade from the architect to the brickie which is something I very much welcome.

Mr McGovern continued:

“It was also great to hear from an organisation working closely with local colleges and universities as they have a key role to play in creating the workforce that Dundee needs going into the future.

Mr McGovern concluded:

“As a former glazier myself and as someone who has a trade union background I know that should our smaller construction firms across Tayside remain united through TCF.

“It will allow more opportunities to be created for our unemployed, underemployed and young people who have an aspiration to learn a trade.”

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