Jim McGovern MP visits Remploy following Severance Injustice

20 May 2013

Jim McGovern MP for Dundee West today visited the Dundee Remploy factory to meet with union representatives following the revelation that workers stand to lose severance benefits should they choose to leave the troubled factory.

 Mr McGovern said: “I visited the factory today to meet with GMB workplace representative Derek Milligan.

“We both agree that it is callous in the extreme that while the Coalition Government claims that their stated intention is to help the Remploy workforce into mainstream employment, Remploy national management are saying that any employee who does successfully attain employment will not receive the same severance package being offered to those members of the workforce who stay until their workplace is closed.”

Mr. McGovern continued:

“This is a ridiculous way to treat people who are doing the right thing and going to work, and the Government’s strong words and promises must be matched by the actions of Remploy management.

“The current situation is completely unsustainable and ill thought out.  “

Mr. McGovern concluded: “I will continue to press Government Ministers to address what is for me an absolute injustice.”


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