Jim McGovern MP Visits NCR

20 March 2013

Jim McGovern MP for Dundee West today visited NCR following the recent announcement of potentially 70 job losses at the firms Dundee operation.

Mr McGovern said:

“Following last week’s announcement of the potential job losses I sought a meeting to discuss the future of NCR in Dundee and the reasoning behind such a decision. 

“I asked the NCR management why the trade unions were not represented at the meeting and they said that I had asked for a meeting with management.

“ I then asked if I could meet the trade unions following a meeting with management and they seemed unsure of it.

Mr McGovern continued:

“To me it seems ridiculous that with such a large number of people potentially being made redundant that union representation was not present at the meeting to discuss the future of the Dundee workforce.

“After two or three questions put by me to management they made it clear that due to ‘commercial confidentiality’ I could not let the constituents who had contacted me over the weekend know what had been said at the meeting.

“ I therefore said I could see no purpose in continuing this meeting and left.”

 Mr McGovern concluded:

“I have since contacted the regional official at Unite the Union Ian Ewing who supports my decision to leave the meeting and confirmed that NCR has a history of maintaining of a lack of clarity and indeed a policy of secrecy."


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