Jim McGovern : Statement on  new Loganair route between Dundee and London


22 January 2014

I am pleased that Dundee airport has found a new service to continue the link between Dundee and London.

This route is important for Dundee’s economy and it is vital that it is maintained.

While this is a positive development, it is only the beginning of what is needed to secure the future of Dundee airport.

What Dundee needs is to see more routes, more frequent services and cheaper fares so that we see more people using the airport.

As Transport Scotland made clear last year this aim is possible if the right investments and business plan are introduced.

I believe that with the right plan and the right backing we will be able to be ambitious about the future of the airport and the role it will play in expanding Dundee’s economy.

I hope now that the route to London is secured  and that HIAL, Dundee City Council and the Scottish Government will get to work so that we see this happen.





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