Jim McGovern MP visits Dundee Foodbank

22 August 2013

Jim and Norma McGovern at the Dundee Foodbank with manager Dave Morris

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Jim McGovern MP for Dundee West and Lochee Councillor Norma McGovern visited the Menzeshill food bank in an effort to determine why the need for such organisations continues to grow.

Following the visit Jim McGovern MP said:

“While it is deplorable that such organisations are so busy trying to cope with rapidly growing demand across the UK, praise must also be given to the staff and volunteers who provide an invaluable service to those most in need.

“I visited the first food bank in Dundee when it was set up and it has now extended its distribution points.

"This new food bank in Menzeshill has been established and now there are plans to expand yet further into Strathmartine with Dundee City Council having to provide extra storage space.

“It is hard not to see the parallels between this Coalition Government’s implementation of its most destructive policies and the rise in food bank demand combined with Holyrood’s lack of initiative on poverty reduction strategy."

Councillor Norma McGovern said:

“Demand has increased 10 fold in the past four years with food banks in Dundee now the busiest in Scotland.

"Our City’s food banks also saw a major increase in uptake over the summer months as demand rose by 42% in July compared to June.

“We must do all that we can to support projects through donating where possible.

“It is a scandal that such efforts are required in Lochee and wider Dundee but those in need should not go without basic food and assistance from the Dundee public is crucial to this.”

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