Jim McGovern : Comment on Drop in Dundee job figures

23 October 2014

Speaking on the drop in Dundee’s employment figures which leave only 58,100 of the people of working age in the city with a job, Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West said:

 “I’m seriously concerned about these figures and it just goes to show that there simply isn’t the level of disposable income amongst working people needed to generate growth.

“People are being hit by stagnating wages and higher bills which is squeezing hard working families, and we need to rectify this by strengthening the minimum wage, incentivising paying the living wage and offering the childcare needed to get parents back into work.

 “Although I would welcome a well thought out development strategy from the SNP-led Council to tackle this problem, we must remember that the Scottish Government declared 700 renewable sector jobs would be brought to Dundee with the construction of a new wind farm before the deal fell through, and so we need to remain sceptical of the SNP’s ability to bring jobs to Dundee.

 “What we need is for all parties to work together to ensure that Scotland and Dundee get the powers that they need to allow Dundee to pursue its own growth and shape its own future whilst remaining in a strong, connected United Kingdom that will allow it to do so.”





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