Jim McGovern : The Smith Commission - Lord Smith of Kelvin's Visit to Dundee

24 October 2014

Speaking on the visit of Lord Smith of Kelvin to Dundee, Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West said:

 “What Lord Smith’s visit shows is that not only is he determined to get out and listen to the Scottish people and prevent the Commission becoming a closed-door talking shop, but that he will be able to reach an agreement on further powers by the end of November as laid out in the timetable.

“Whilst the SNP would like to have you believe that the promise of further powers is going nowhere, the timetable is ahead of schedule with the Command Paper published weeks in advance and the Commission already reaching agreement on one of Lord Smith’s areas of focus.

“Therefore I am confident that agreement will be reached soon to deliver what the people of Scotland decisively voted for; a strong Scotland with greater powers inside a strong United Kingdom.”

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