Jim McGovern : Labour crackdown on job agencies that exploit workers  

24 November 2014

Speaking on the announcement, Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West said:

“The minimum wage is one of the greatest achievements of the last Labour Government and it lifted over a million people out of poverty, so to see it degraded by a Government that will not push for effective prosecutions of those who pay less than the minimum wage is simply outrageous.

“On Wednesday, Labour colleagues and I voted in Parliament for stronger enforcement of the minimum wage, but this was defeated by the Government, which just goes to show that despite all their claims, they cannot be trusted to stand up for working people.

“Everyone deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and this Government is denying people that, which is why I not only welcome Labour’s moves to get tough on job agencies exploiting workers and firms avoiding the minimum wage, but welcome the commitment to incentivising the living wage to provide a better standard of living.

“Consequently I will be working closely with businesses in Dundee to ensure that they are paying their staff the minimum wage and that those who are able to do so, pay their staff the living wage and take full advantage of all the benefits that come with it.”




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