Jim McGovern raises concerns about SNP Regiment Promises   

25 January 2013

Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West, raised concerns about SNP assurances that they would restore disbanded Scottish regiments if separation went ahead during a Scottish Affairs Select Committee meeting in Westminster.

The committee were questioning Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Research Director of the Royal United Services Institute, and Professor Ron Smith of the Department of Economics at Birkbeck, University of London about the potential impact of separation on the armed forces.

Mr McGovern asked the witnesses if they agreed with the SNP that a separate Scotland would be able to maintain current force levels and if a separate Scotland would be able to restore historic regiments, such as the Black Watch, that have either been downsized or scrapped in the recent defence review by the UK government.

Both witnesses stated that “such a claim did not stand up to scrutiny.”

Jim McGovern said;

“The evidence we heard today was categorical. The promises the separatists have made about restoring Scotland’s historic regiments cannot be fulfilled.”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“It is greatly disappointing that such promises have been made to the Scottish people when it is clear they differ from expert opinion.

“The separatists need to start being honest about the negative impact separation will have for Scotland.”


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