Jim McGovern launches Dundee ‘Better Together’ Campaign

25 June 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern hailed this morning’s Dundee launch of the ‘Better Together’ campaign as a great success.

The campaign will lead efforts to celebrate Scotland’s place within the UK and to argue against separation of Scotland from the UK.

Mr McGovern said,

“My wife and Lochee Councillor Norma McGovern, as well as Councillor Helen Wright and I arrived in the city square for 7.45 this morning.

“Over the next hour or so we were joined by numerous activists, mostly Labour, but also a few Liberal Democrats and one young lady from the Conservative Party.

“What struck me was not only were the leaflets which we were distributing accepted and welcomed, but the people who received them started to read them, and indeed many came back to indicate their total support.

“While I appreciate the main launch was in Edinburgh, it was important to use face to face contact to let the Dundee public know about the benefits of remaining in the UK.”

In conclusion Mr McGovern said,

“I think it is fair to say that the overwhelming majority of Scots are comfortable with sterling as currency, travelling across the UK without passports or border posts, the benefit of UK state pensions, having UK armed forces personnel, as well as homes and jobs for Scottish people throughout the UK and much more.

“The solution is simple.

“Say no to separatism.

“We are better together.”

Jenny Marra MSP was at the Better Together launch event in Edinburgh today.

She said, "There was a great atmosphere at the campaign launch today.

“The voices of Scottish people from communities all over the country came across loud and clear.

“It is their voices and their opinions that will be most important in this debate on separation and the constitution."


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