Jim McGovern raises value of UK armed forces to Scottish economy

27 November 2012

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern today raised the issue of the impact of UK armed forces to the Scottish economy during questions to the Ministry of Defence in the House of Commons.

Mr McGovern noted the on-going investigation of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, which he sits on, into the value of UK armed forces and the defence industry to Scotland’s economy.

The investigation is also looking into what impact Scottish separation may have on this issue.

The Dundee MP asked the secretary of state if he agreed that forces based in Scotland are vital to local economies and the nation as a whole, which benefits vastly from the industries that supply and support the UK’s armed forces.

The Defence minister Andrew Robathan MP agreed that UK armed forces and the accompanying defence industry was a major employer and investor in Scotland, and that Scottish separation would be highly likely to substantially undermine this sector of the Scottish economy.

Jim McGovern said,

“During the course of the on-going Scottish Affairs Committee investigation into the benefits of the UK’s armed forces for Scotland, it has become clear to me that they and the defence industry are substantial employers and investors into Scotland.

“It is greatly troubling that if the separatists get their way and the UK’s armed forces leave Scotland it could mean unemployment for far too many Scots.” 

Mr McGovern concluded,

“When it comes to defending these islands and ensuring that our economy flourishes we really are better together.

"The danger posed by the separatists must be spelt out clearly to the Scottish people during the debate into Scotland’s future within the United Kingdom.”



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