Jim McGovern gives his full support to the campaign to keep the postal service in the public sector

29 July 2013

Royal Mail is one of our most valued institutions and I fully support the campaign to keep the postal service in the public sector.

The Government's proposals to privatise Royal Mail have caused real concern among many local people and Royal Mail staff.

Indeed, the result of the recent ballot of Royal Mail workers shows that an overwhelming majority - 96% - oppose the Government's plans.

The Government's proposal has also been criticised by the Communication Workers Union and is not supported by the National Federation of Subpostmasters.

Royal Mail's recent financial results - which showed that the company's annual operating profits have doubled in the last financial year - are also evidence of the hard work of Royal Mail staff and show that now is not the right time for privatisation.

I hope that the Government will recognise this, but following their recent announcements I fear they are likely to seek to privatise Royal Mail by the end of this (2013/14) financial year.

This would not be in the interests of the taxpayer, the company or Royal Mail staff and I believe that the significant uncertainties around the Government's plans and the immeasurable impact that privatisation would have on the universal service obligation makes the case for maintaining the status quo the most compelling option.

I voted against the Government's 2011 Postal Services Act, which legislated to allow the sale of up to 90% of Royal Mail shares and I resigned as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister responsible for the postal service when a part privatisation scheme was suggested under the previous Government.

That decision is one I did not regret then or now.

I can assure you that I will continue to urge the Government to reconsider this ill thought-out and reckless sell-off and I will be taking every opportunity to vote against the proposals.


Communication Workers Union (CWU) campaign

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