Dundee JobsWatch

November 2014

Jim McGovern : The Living Wage

Lesley Brennan : The Living Wage

October 2014

Kevin Keenan :  Big slump in number of people in employment in Dundee in the past three years

Jenny Marra : Supported Business

Jim McGovern : Drop in Dundee job figures

Jim McGovern comments on figures for the number of children living in poverty

Jenny Marra :Scottish Labour’s reaction to budget statement


Richard McCready  Fuel Poverty in Dundee - community owned renewable energy - a solution?

September 2014

Jenny Marra MSP : Accessible Tourism - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Jim McGovern joins Dundee HMRC staff to celebrate jobs victory

Jim McGovern condemns SNP Bedroom Tax hypocrisy

Jim McGovern calls for vigilance over Dundee V&A construction contract


July 2014

Lesley Brennan : Household income across Dundee

Jim McGovern calls for jobs action in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Jobs for Dundee : More determination needed from both UK and Scottish Governments

Jim McGovern welcomes Chancellor’s acknowledgement of Dundee’s games industry efforts

Jenny Marra MSP : Women paying the price for SNP job cuts

Lesley Brennan : Questions for Nicola Sturgeon over Renewables Jobs for Dundee

June 2014

Lesley Brennan : Social Security Changes are Causing Real Hardship

Jim McGovern : "Disappointing" Queen's Speech

Jenny Marra : Responding to the Findings of the Wood Commission

May 2014

Dundee May Day photographs >>> and at >>>


April 2014

Kevin Keenan : Renewables Jobs for Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Developing Skills for Scotland's Digital Economy

March 2014

Jim McGovern condemns “out of touch” Budget

Jenny Marra, Jim McGovern, Kevin Keenan : SNP and Independence putting Dundee jobs at risk

February 2014

Jim McGovern pledges to help local businesses after mistreatment by the banks 

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP must come clean on the Cost of Losing the Pound


Kevin Keenan : Dundee City Council Budget statement

Laurie Bidwell : Labour Budget Proposal Can Retain the Early Years Practitioners Based in 22 of Our Primary Schools

Jim McGovern condemns HMRC office closures

Lesley Brennan : Closure of Police Public Counters in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Scottish Budget - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Laurie Bidwell : Revealed - The 22 Dundee Schools Which Will Lose their Early Years Practitioners in Proposed Budget Cuts

January 2014

Marlyn Glen : The Cost of Childcare

Jenny Marra : Scottish Budget - Scottish Parliament speech

Jim McGovern : Statement on new Loganair route between Dundee and London


Jenny Marra : Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP saves Stirling but fails Dundee



Jenny Marra : Scotland’s Economy - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Call to Abolish £1,200 Maternity Tribunal Charge

Laurie Bidwell : Report to Broughty Ferry Community Council

December 2013

Jim McGovern slams ‘out of touch’ Autumn Statement

Kevin Keenan  : Promoting economic development with Dundee in the lead role

Kevin Keenan : Vacant And Derelict Land Programme

November 2013

Lesley Brennan and Richard McCready : Debt and Pay Day Loans

Jim McGovern ‘disappointed but not downhearted’ by City of Culture result  

Lesley Brennan : We cannot afford to ignore the under-used potential of women

Lesley Brennan : 25 Police Service Posts lost in Dundee in the past 6 months

To mark Equal Pay Day :

Lesley Brennan : The Consequences of the Gender Pay Gap

Marlyn Glen : The Gender Pay Gaps

Laurie Bidwell : Equal Pay Day 

Congratulations to Dundee Labour Students for securing  the living wage for 153 staff at Dundee University

Jim McGovern quizzes David Cameron on zero-hours contracts

Jim McGovern MP gives his support to striking university staff

Richard McCready : City Council Meetings

October 2013

Jim McGovern voices relief for Grangemouth workers

Lesley Brennan : The prime importance of jobs for women and young adults

Jim McGovern welcomes Blacklisting Compensation Announcement 

September 2013

Lesley Brennan : Wages and Inequality

Laurie Bidwell : Proposed Change to Pay of Short Term Supply Teachers is Not Comprehensive Enough

August 2013

Kevin Keenan : The number in permanent jobs in Dundee falls by 4,300 in two years

Lesley Brennan - The Economy : The Biblical Tale of the Pharaoh’s Dream

Lesley Brennan : The Economy - Workers set to lose £6,600 by the time of the next election

Kevin Keenan : We Must Invest More in Improving the Skills of Our Young Adults

Laurie Bidwell :187 Unemployed in Broughty Ferry in Receipt of Job Seekers Allowance

Richard McCready : Police, Fire and Community Safety

Richard McCready : West End Local Community Planning Partnership

Brian Gordon : Out of Work Figures – “North East Ward Deserves Better”

Georgia Cruickshank : Concern over Long-Term Unemployment in the Maryfield Ward

Marlyn Glen : A Female-Friendly Labour Market Is Needed

Richard McCready : Blacklisting Meeting

Phil Welsh : Zero Hours Contracts

Jim McGovern calls for avoidance of a “Race to the Bottom” on Workers’ Rights

Richard McCready : Call for Council Action on Blacklisting



Kevin Keenan : Industrial Tribunals

Jenny Marra MSP : No comfort in latest bankruptcy figures for Scotland

Kevin Keenan : Dundee’s employment rate needs to be driven up the Scottish level

Brian Gordon : North East Ward Unemployment figures

Jenny Marra MSP :  Unemployment Figures Show Mixed Economic Picture

Lesley Brennan : Save Our Royal Mail : Fear that the Universal Postal Service will Quickly Decline

Brian Gordon : Supporting the Save Our Royal Mail campaign

Jim McGovern opposes plans to privatise the Royal Mail service

Lesley Brennan : Save Our Royal Mail campaign


Jim McGovern slams Government Work Programme


Richard McCready : Austerity Uncovered

Marlyn Glen : Childcare and Getting More Women into Work

Jim McGovern calls on the Prime Minister to act against Blacklisting 

Marlyn Glen : The Suffragettes and 100 Years On

Richard McCready : Dundee Economic Summit

May 2013

Jim McGovern : Remploy Fails in £6million MoD Contract Bid

Jim McGovern MP : Government’s Remploy Policy in Disarray

Jim McGovern Visits NCR

Jenny Marra : The Tay Tax - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Download Jenny’s speech (PDF)

Laurie Bidwell, Lesley Brennan : Percentage of graduates in local workforce rises

Brian Gordon, Lesley Brennan, Kevin Keenan : Bedroom Tax :  Councillors comment on latest figures

George McIrvine  :  Police Custody and Security Officers are fully authorised to take fingerprints and DNA samples – UNISON

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Independence : It was all supposed to be so easy.....but then came the questions

Jenny Marra demands answers over police DNA revelations

Jim McGovern MP visits Remploy following Severance Injustice

Jim McGovern hears of Tayside Construction Forum's " good work" on apprenticeships and local employment

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee still with the highest Job Seekers Allowance rate of the 4 main Scottish cities

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Library Service Wins 'Library of the Year Award'

Lesley Brennan :  When a £7 billion Scottish deficit means that every Scot is “£824 better off”

Richard McCready : Official Opening of West End Schools

Marlyn Glen : Alan Johnson, former Labour Cabinet Minister’s new book This Boy - “For Linda who Kept Me Safe”

Referendum -  Scottish Labour video : United with Labour

Brian Gordon  : ”Done deal” anger over closure of Whitfield Post Office

Lesley Brennan : More Woe for Mr. Osborne

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry  is a Vibrant and Skilled Community Which is Capably Supported by Community Learning; That's Official

Richard McCready : Support for Greater Regulation of Buses  

Lesley Brennan and Kevin Keenan Dundee Unemployment Level : SNP Trying to Discredit Figures published by their own Scottish Government

Marlyn Glen : Ready to return to active government intervention

Jenny Marra MSP  : Community Justice System - Speech in the Scottish Parliament  

Laurie Bidwell : Early Years Collaborative Workshop Was Thought-Provoking


Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee still with the highest Job Seekers Allowance rate of the 4 main Scottish cities

Lesley Brennan and Kevin Keenan - Dundee Unemployment Level : SNP Trying to Discredit Figures published by their own Scottish Government


Kevin Keenan : The Work Programme in Dundee : a big failure


Lesley Brennan : Rising Concern over Women’s Unemployment

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee has the highest rate for Underemployment in Scotland

Lesley Brennan : The Economy - Victims of a Fad

Marlyn Glen : The Lack of Women and the annual £170 million loss to the Scottish Economy

Jim McGovern challenges the growth of Food Bank Britain

Jenny Marra publishes buried Ninewells report

February 2013

Marlyn Glen : Women Wanting to Work, Waiting for Work

Kevin Keenan : Dundee Unemployment rises ; jobseekers allowance rate the highest of the Scottish cities

Lesley Brennan : The End Child Poverty campaign

Jim McGovern calls for Dundee Waterfront Development meeting on use of local labour

Lesley Brennan : The Impact of the SNP's Budget Cuts in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee School Leavers' Destinations

Lesley Brennan : Dundee's Disposable Household Income

Kevin Keenan : Council Budget - The Labour Group's alternative savings

Jim McGovern writes to Minister on Remploy bid

Richard McCready : Action Needed Against Blacklisting

Jim McGovern calls for urgent action for Dundee Remploy


Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Unemployment in Dundee construction sector

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate stands at 10 per cent




Marlyn Glen : Counting the Cost of the lack of Affordable Childcare

Lesley Brennan : Why the number of nurses matters

Jenny Marra challenges Dundee SNP over shovel-ready jobs

Kevin Keenan : A Tale of Two Cities Dundee October 1966 and Dundee 2012


Kevin Keenan : Lower wages are bad for the Dundee economy

Richard McCready : Progress on the Living Wage - could go further 

Jim McGovern calls for action over Dundee Job Losses


Richard McCready : Council should be heard being in support of games industry


Kevin Keenan : Dundee has the lowest percentage of full-time employment jobs in mainland Scotland

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Places at Dundee College

Kevin Keenan - Dundee remains the Scottish city with the highest rate of unemployment

Jim McGovern criticises government inaction on jobs as Dundee unemployment increases

Lesley Brennan : Austerity threatens to reverse progress towards gender equality for women

Jim McGovern and Kevin Keenan Welcome New Procurement Approach from the Council But Argue for Improvements

Long term unemployment amongst Dundee's young adults increases from 20 to 380 in 3 years


Richard McCready : Dundee City Council and DERL - No Redundancy Policy ?

Jenny Marra : New National Fire and Rescue Service HQ should be located in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Greater Focus and Commitment required for Economic Growth in Dundee

Richard McCready : Five Point Plan for Dundee Jobs

Lesley Brennan : 5,900 underemployed in Dundee

Dundee Unemployment Levels by City Area

Jim McGovern calls for action over Dundee job losses

Kevin Keenan : Dundee now has the highest unemployment rate of the 4 main Scottish cities

Kevin Keenan : Dundee job vacancies - "figures make grim reading"

Kevin Keenan : Call for More Work for Dundee's Building Industry


Kevin Keenan : Dundee's unemployment is now at a 14-year high 

Lesley Brennan : Quarter of a million working hours lost through stress-related illnesses as cuts take toll on health of dedicated NHS workforce

Laurie Bidwell : Graduate Unemployment Figures Very Disappointing



Councillor Lesley Brennan : The high cost of keeping people out of work rather than ensuring that they are in work



Kevin Keenan : Dundee job vacancies now the third lowest in 6 years

Jim McGovern MP calls for more employment support

Jim McGovern pushes UK Government to take action on jobs for Dundee


Jenny Marra MSP : Cutting Police Support Staff is a "False Economy"

Kevin Keenan : Dundee jobs : The Private sector needs a strong public sector

Laurie Bidwell : Well-Qualified Population a Positive Indicator for Dundee in Cities Outlook report

Jim McGovern presses UK government on unemployment in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : 12 areas of Dundee where male unemployment is 10 per cent or more

Jim McGovern calls for action on youth unemployment

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee and Low Pay

Kevin Keenan : Dundee is now in the Top 5 for Unemployment in Scotland

Kevin Keenan : Dundee's New Year Challenge in 2012

December 2011

Kevin Keenan : Dundee long-term unemployed - largest annual increase of the 4 main Scottish cities

Marlyn Glen : Dundee in 2015

Kevin Keenan : Dundee Unemployment : Neither Plan Osborne nor Plan Salmond has worked

Jim McGovern calls on UK and Scottish Governments to act on unemployment

Laurie Bidwell : Teacher Numbers Tumble again in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Gamesa Dundee 1,000 jobs blow : SNP Government told to produce its plans for energy jobs for the city

Marlyn Glen : NHS Tayside staffing - Three Facts and An Admission

News Digest 8th. December   PDF >>>  Magazine format >>>

News Digest 2nd. December   PDF >>>  Magazine format >>>

November 2011

Kevin Keenan : Unemployment in Dundee soars by 70 per cent amongst 18-24 year olds

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee - SNP Education Convener Challenged to Answer Questions

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee

October 2011

Kevin Keenan : Unemployment in Dundee 700 up year-on-year

Richard McCready : Concern at Ninewells Car Parking Charge  Increase

September 2011