Renewables Jobs for Dundee

Kevin Keenan


2 April 2014


There is a big job that now needs to be done, following Dundee losing out to Hull as the base where Siemens will develop their wind turbine production facilities that will create thousands of jobs for the area.


I think that Dundee City Council  now needs to redouble its efforts in selling to Siemens the benefits of investing in the city as part of the supply chain of the renewables industry to bring much-needed jobs here.

It now looks very much like the investment by SSE, which Forth Energy regarded as a major player, is to be curtailed, so we need to be looking in other directions.

If First Minister Alex Salmond is not going to deliver on his promise of two years ago of 700 jobs in renewables for the city, then the city must strike out on its own, with the council working along with local businesses to promote the city’s skills and its potential.

Dundee has always been a city of manufacturing , and will remain so, because we possess the skilled workforce who can deliver.

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