6 February 2015


Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council , has responded to the revelation  that SNP- controlled Dundee City Council knew that the V&A Dundee project was over-cost months before the figures were made available to the public and to opposition party councillors.

And last month , the size of the over-cost  - £31 million - was made public, and now it has been revealed that the SNP-controlled council had made the SNP Government in Edinburgh aware of the cost one month before they made that information public to the people of Dundee.

These revelations emerged from Parliamentary Questions raised in the Scottish Parliament by Claire Baker MSP , Scottish Labour spokesperson on Culture.

Kevin Keenan said :

"Why did the Council keep this secret for so long?


"Claire Baker MSP has received a response from the Scottish Government in relation to questions put to Fiona Hyslop MSP about the V & A and it has now come to light that as early as April 2014 the Scottish Government were aware that initial estimates of the price would not be met.


"The contract price of £80.11m published by Dundee City Council on 16 January 2015 was shared with the Scottish Government on 18 December 2014.


"These revelations seriously call into question the Leader of the Administration, Councillor Guild who kept all this to himself using the excuse of commercial confidentiality.


"Perhaps Councillor Guild needs reminding that his first responsibility is to the citizens of Dundee.


"The Councillors elected to represent the City should have known before any Government Minister the risks that this project was facing.


"The V & A Project is vital to our city's economy and has always received cross party political support, so I find it strange that the administration would keep people in the dark and potentially risk losing the support it has always had."



 Claire Baker's questions and the answers she received are reproduced below from the official records of the Scottish Parliament 






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