A Tale of Two Cities : Dundee, October 1966 and Dundee, October 2012 

7 December 2012

In October of this year, the number of men in Dundee claiming Job Seekers Allowance  unemployment benefit was 3,927 

46 years ago , in October 1966, the total number of men in Dundee  claiming unemployment benefit was 1,476 

In other words, the number of men out of work in Dundee now is almost three times the number in 1966 

Comparing the same month in both years, in 2012 the number of women out of work in the city was 1,588.

In October 1966 it was 280.

In other words, the number of women out of work is over 5 times greater now than in 1966.

Commenting on the figures, Kevin Keenan , Labour group leader on Dundee City Council, said,

“What makes the comparison even more sombre is that there were more Dundonians then than there are today.

 “In 1966 the city’s population was around 180,000 ; today it ‘s around 40,000 less.

" Many who remember the Sixties in the city will recall it at the time as a place of many more job opportunities and secure employment, traditional apprenticeships , and with a strong manufacturing industry base.

“Dundee made things.

 “But now today only some 7,000 work in  manufacturing in the city, a fraction of the 62,000 who work in the service industry.

 “ However, manufacturing industry remains highly important to the city’s future 

“With strong Government support , the city can expand its manufacturing base , providing jobs for our people.

 “It may not return to the actual numerical levels that it had in the 1960s, but it will have a workforce every bit as skilful and every bit as committed as it was back then. “


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