New Olympia Pool Delay : statement by Kevin Keenan  

7 December 2012

It’s disappointing that we read in the press that the opening of the new Olympia is to be delayed, particularly as every report we have been presented with suggest things were all well.    

The last report approved the spend for the  rental of exercise machines, no doubt in addition to the rental cost, and the tax payer will have to pay for storage whilst this equipment remains unused.

Mr. Guild should have brought a report to Council before using the Council’s Press Office to deliver the Administration’s spin.  

This City should be told especially if there are budget overspends or consequential losses as a result of this delay.

It has always been my understanding the current Olympia would remain open until the new Olympia opens.  

There now looks like we have a change of policy via the press release.

Although we can’t allow the project to affect the delivery of the V&A, this would be a real embarrassment for the SNP having just approved the purchase of the Hilton Hotel and Gala Casino.

I note that within the Council’s own press release they say,  "During the transitional period between the closure of the old facility and the opening of the new Olympia, swimmers will still be able to access facilities at Lochee Swimming Pool and the community pools at St Paul’s and Grove Academies."

As the local Councillor I hope this statement means that the Administration will deliver more public access swimming time at St. Paul’s .

I look forward to this announcement of extended hours at St Paul’s but ask the swimmers not hold their breath.


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