Concern over accidents traffic at Harestane Road/Laird Street/Strathmartine Road Junction


Kevin Keenan


11 September 2014


Councillor Kevin Keenan has expressed his concerns about the junction at Harestane Road/Laird Street/Strathmartine Road and the road network in the area.


He has written to council officials, saying,


“I have received several constituents contact me today to advise that yet another accident has happened with a car going out of control and damaging a wall and narrowly avoid a pedestrian who was out walking her dog.


“As you know there have been a number of occasions where both myself and Bailie Borthwick have raised our concerns with you, as we consider this junction to be an accident black-spot which the statistics seem to be supporting.


“Therefore, action must be taken.  


“To this, I await your response.


“You will be aware, I am sure, as part of the City Development Department,  that the volume of traffic will only increase as the new development in Craigowl comes on stream and the potential that in a fairly short period of time, the areas in Angus such as the former Strathmartine Hospital site will be developed for housing.


“This will only add to the traffic congestion and accident risk.


“Last night, I am led to believe that there were two cars racing each other where one failed to stop when the accident happened.  


“I know that this is completely irresponsible.


However, I would still like to see some engineering solution that would prevent these accidents occurring whether it be road calming measures or perhaps some barriers to ensure that a pedestrian is never injured.


Thank you for your kind consideration to the concerns I have raised on behalf of the local residents.






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