Unemployment : Dundee continues to have the highest  rate of the four main Scottish cities

12 September  2012

Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council , has responded to new official figures showing Dundee remains with the highest level of unemployment amongst the four main cities of Scotland

In August unemployment in Dundee rose again, even higher than its 14 year peak  the previous month, and continued to be above the rate for for Glasgow.

The number out of work in the city ( in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance) in August rose to 6,140  - an unemployment rate of 6.5 per cent.

The unemployment rates for the other man Scottish cities are

Glasgow 6.1 per cent overall  

Edinburgh 3.3 per cent  

Aberdeen 2.2 per cent 

Kevin Keenan said,  

“The rise in unemployment means that the jobs market in the city becomes even harder for many people with over 8 unemployed people chasing each vacant job. 

“Climbing out of the recession will be more difficult in Dundee because its unemployment rate has been consistently above the Scottish average.  

“Our number one priority remains putting the city back to work, making use of Dundee’s potential to create growth, and help our businesses to recover” 

Councillor Keenan has said that Dundee is , 

crying out for action on jobs and the local economy.”

He has proposed a range of measures such as :

- Bringing forward investment projects 

 - Giving small firms a one year national insurance tax break to allow them to take on extra workers

 -A temporary cut in the UK Government's VAT rise which would mean a £450 boost for families with children.

 -A cut in VAT on home improvements to 5% for a year to help homeowners and small businesses

- A fair and just tax on bankers’ bonuses to fund a real jobs guarantee for all young people out of work for a year and help build many more affordable homes.

Unemployment in Dundee by area
August  2012

area number rate
Adler 194 8.7
Balgay 133 4.2
Balgillo 85 2.0
Balgowan 254 7.3
Barnhill 57 1.7
Baxter Park 217 6.6
Bowbridge 252 8.4
Brackens 195 5.4
Broughty Ferry 72 2.3
Camperdown 317 9.6
Claverhouse 184 5.8
Craigiebank 124 5.3
Douglas 309 9.3
East Port 333 10.0
Fairmuir 226 8.0
Hilltown 332 8.9
Law 261 7.2
Lochee East 192 7.4
Lochee West 310 11.7
Logie 193 6.2
Longhaugh 330 8.9
Ninewells 225 6.8
Pitkerro 365 10.4
Riverside 59 1.6
Stobswell 340 11.2
Strathmartine 117 3.8
Tay Bridges 247 4.6
West Ferry 38 1.3
Whitfield 177 7.4
Source : Office of National Statistics




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