Dundee now in the top five for unemployment in Scotland

13 January 2012

Dundee is now in the top five for unemployment in Scotland.

Its 5.6 unemployment rate is topped only by Glasgow 5.8 ; North Ayrshire 6.2 ; East Ayrshire 5.9 ; West Dunbartonshire

Responding to the news that Dundee as the 5th. highest level of unemployment in Scotland’s council areas, Labour Group Leader on Dundee City Council, Councillor Kevin Keenan, said,

"Places such as Dundee have worked hard to try to protect its people from unemployment.

"Yet these are the same places that will be hardest-hit by the SNP Government’s slashing of spending by local councils.

"Dundee City Council has been ordered by the Scottish Government to make over £3.5 million cuts in spending on crucial services to freeze the council tax.

"At the same time, the Scottish Government has slashed its revenue funding to the council by £1.4 million .

"These cuts will undoubtedly increase levels of unemployment, reduce the efficiency of council services and will damage the city’s attempts to grow its way out of the economic downturn.

" There have been hundreds of council jobs lost in the past year , and their reduced spending power slows down local business activity.

"The policies of Chancellor George Osborne in the Tory-led UK government are now widely blamed for making the wrong cuts at the wrong time.

"The SNP Government has just copied George Osborne with huge cuts of its own to somehow pay for a 5-year council tax freeze.

"They know of no other way of doing this except by year after year after year of cuts in spending on vital council services."


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