Dundee job vacancies : "figures make grim reading"

13 August 2012

Official figures have revealed that it is currently harder for unemployed people in Dundee to get a job than in the other 5 cities of Scotland .

The number of job seekers to job vacancies in Dundee was the highest of all the Scottish cities and almost twice the Scottish figure in June .

There were just  545 unfilled registered job vacancies in Dundee in June compared with 6,011 out of work.

This indicates that there are  11 unemployed people in the city chasing every job vacancy.

The number of people in Dundee receiving Job Seekers Allowance per job vacancies compared with other the other Scottish cities  in June was :

Dundee 11.0

Glasgow 7.0

Aberdeen 1.3

Edinburgh 3.4

Stirling 2.8

Inverness (Highland region) 3.6

Scotland overall 6.1

Commenting on the figures , Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council, said,

 “While this is just a monthly snapshot of the figures, it still makes grim reading.

“People who are out of work and seeking jobs in Dundee deserve better than this.

“They want to provide for their families, and play their part in building a strong economy for Dundee..

“Instead, they are  paying the price for Government failure to bring more jobs to the city.

“We need a plan for jobs and growth.

“For example, Labour have already has a plan to tax bankers’ bonuses to gather in £2billion that would create many thousands of jobs for young people.

“We need long-term investment projects brought forward, and help for small businesses to take on more workers.

“ The unemployed need many more opportunities for productive work to get the local economy moving again away from recession.”


Source of data  : Office of National Statistics

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