Dundee Council Tax 

Kevin Keenan

16 January 2013

This year, like others, will see the SNP Administration make the promise to maintain front-line services.   

As usual, the typical pie crust SNP promise – easily made, easily broken.

One of the SNP Government’s main objectives was to deliver a fairer Scotland and despite this the Council Tax level in Dundee remains 3rd highest in Scotland.

The local SNP Administration have made the promise year on year to maintain front-line services, but the opposite is being reflected, with the cracks starting to show particularly within the Education Department highlighted in an HMI(e) Report.

Previous cuts in Education have been detrimental to the service and the Administration need to recognise this and do something about it in this year’s budget.

A Policy & Resources paper reflects that although £2.8million savings have already been made, there is a further £6.5million still required.

I will be seeking clarification from the Director of Finance on the following points in order to let the people of the City know the level of front-line cuts they can expect:-

What funding will Dundee City Council receive back from Tayside Police and Tayside Fire & Rescue?

What level of funding returns can we expect from external organisation such as Tayside Contracts and Leisure & Culture Dundee?

I am also informed that the Scottish Government is likely to agree an increase in Planning Fees; can you please advise what figure can be built into the budget to reflect this?

The Council has also engaged a private company to review the eligibility of the Single Person Discount.  

Can you advise how effective this project has been and how much will reflect within the 2013/14 budget 

Council Tax bands for new homes in areas such as Mill O’Mains will have increased;what can be reflected in the budget to represent this?


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