Dundee SNP Budget Cuts are "Astonishing"

16 January 2014


Kevin Keenan , Labour Group Leader on Dundee City Council has described the SNP's proposed cuts of over £7 million in the next year as "astonishing"

He commented,

" Organisations in the city such as Dundee Rep and the DCA face cuts in their budgets as do many local charities that provide social care and welfare.

"These include Dundee Women's Aid, Action for Childre, the Salvation Army, Sense Scotland, the Carolina Trust and Gowrie Care.

"The SNP say that they are putting money into social work, but at the same time they are taking money away from  many charities in the city who provide essential social work services.

"It's all smoke and mirrors.

"One of their aims is to freeze the council tax but it's accepted that this freeze cannot last forever.

There surely needs to be a grown-up debate about how the Scottish Government in Edinburgh funds council services here in Dundee."


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