Put Dundee First

18 April 2012

Dundee Labour Party today published its final manifesto for the local government elections. 

The Dundee Labour Manifesto was published in draft form in March and was open for consultation.  

Around a thousand people read the manifesto and many made comments on it.

Dundee Labour Group Leader Councillor Kevin Keenan said,

 “I am delighted that we are publishing a manifesto for the people of Dundee. 

 “We will be using this election to seek a mandate to deliver excellent, local public services to the people of Dundee

 “This is an election about Dundee it is not a stepping stone to independence as the SNP have said.

“Our pledges to the people of Dundee are to Put Dundee First by:

"Fighting for jobs and apprenticeships – a task force to deliver jobs for Dundee

"Supporting our older people – those who need care will get it

"Cutting your fuel bills – an energy co-op to save you money

"Investing in education – no more SNP cuts to teachers.' 

"We have some really interesting ideas for Dundee

“We would bring in a Dundee discount card for Dundee families for Dundee attractions. 

"We would campaign for the National Football Academy to be based in Dundee. 

"We would look to bring in the 'El Sistema' project to Dundee.'

"We would listen to the people of Dundee by setting up a petitions  process in the council. 

 "We would listen to parents and senior pupils on the Education Committee.   

"We would abolish the secretive Changing for the Future Board. 

"We would develop a smart-phone app in conjunction with Dundee's computer industry to allow people to report problems to the council. 

"We will implement a Carers Champion for the city who will work with carers in the city to ensure that their voice is heard on the council and that council policies meet the needs of carers.

 “Above all we would prioritise jobs and education.   

“Everything we did would be examined for its impact on jobs.   

“We would use our powers to the maximum to ensure that as much council investment as possible is spent locally.  

“ We would invest in Dundee's schools and ensure that they are fit for purpose in the twenty-first century.   

“We would not cut any more teachers from Dundee schools and strive to re-instate some of those cut by the SNP.” 


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