Kevin Keenan : Dundee employment rate needs to be driven up to the Scottish level.

18 July 2013

New official data for Dundee for those on Job Seekers Allowance , a measure of unemployment, show the level at 5,635 in June.

This is an increase of 260 on the previous month .

The latest official “model-based”, more accurate unemployment figures for the city show the level to be 7,400 ( 10.3 per cent) and refer to the period April 2012- March 2013.

Kevin Keenan , Labour group Leader on Dundee City Council , said,

“For almost a year now, the claimant count rate for Dundee has been higher than the rate for Glasgow and the highest for the four main Scottish Cities.

“Added to that, the estimate of those without a job in Dundee is 1 in 10 of  the adult working population.

“Both these figures are regular reminders of how out-of-touch governments in both London and Edinburgh  are failing Dundee.

“They need to drive up the employment rates in the city of to levels comparable with those across Scotland.

“Dundee’s unemployment rate is over twice that for Aberdeen.

“Neither Dundee nor Scotland can afford to have the city being left behind.

“We have the answer to our unemployment problems at hand – our highly skilled workforce. “



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