Kemback Street Care inspectorate report : What another fine mess you have got us into

Kevin Keenan

20 February 2013

The Report by the Care Inspectorate upheld the complaints made to them on how badly Dundee City Council carried out its duty with regards to statutory consultation.

This report is an accurate illustration of how the SNP Administration treated the families, carers and service users of the Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre.

It is therefore regrettable that the SNP administration have issued a Dundee City Council Report No 93-2013 as a watered down version of the actual care inspectorate report.

The full Care Inspectorate report should be issued to every councillor to allow them the opportunity to reflect on how they voted, without giving any consideration for those effected by their actions.

The Care Inspectorate report included an account of the emotional impact that the poorly executed consultation was having and has had on the service users, their families and carers.

This is another reason why every councillor should have a copy of the full Inspectorate report. 

Let's have all the facts before another blunder is made.

This embarrassing report highlights SNP administration's unhealthy determination to railroad through the closure of Kemback Street. 

In addition for the need to action the Care inspectorate recommendations, the Council also face a legal challenge as solicitors acting for one of the service users have indicated that they will petition for Judicial Review, seeking to overturn the decision to close Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre.

The Convenor, Cllr Ken Lynn is reporter to have said, 

" To avoid any uncertainty that a prolonged legal procedure would inevitably mean for the service users and their families, I am proposing that the social work and health committee agree to carry out a new consultation about the future of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre in the mean time the centre will remain open."

Missing from the Council Report and these reported comments by Cllr Ken Lynn are :

 ·         An apology from himself, his Group and Council for the anxiety caused to the service users and their families

·         An apology to the deputations who spoke in the city chambers at the previous council meeting for refusing to accept anything they said

 What a Mess -  all caused by the SNP's most senior councillors.

 Baillie Helen Wright said no officer from the Social Work Department should be expected to shoulder the responsibility for this damming report.

 Therefore Cllr Ken Lynn has no real alternative but to consider his position.

After this report does he consider himself the best person to lead social care in our city?

Just last week as Convenor he did nothing to defend the budgets for both Supporting People and also Social Care that saw cuts of over £1m.

Whilst acknowledging Baillie Wright’s comments that no officer should shoulder the responsibility for acting upon the mandate given by the Councils SNP Administration, we accept that trust has broken down between the families users and carers involved with Kemback Street and the Social work Department.

So as to avoid further deterioration within this already strained relationship, either Chief executive David Dorward or another completely independent person must lead any future consultation"

However, the council must accept that "Time is a Healer" and a considerable time must lapse before a return to any future consultation.

The report issued for 25th February suggests there are no financial implications, and  the SNP should not try to keep the cost a secret.

What did the first consultation cost?

What will any second attempt consultation cost?

What is council’s intention regarding the pending legal action?

What is the estimated legal cost for both best and worst case scenario for Council?

Given the Care Inspectorate Report and the council's recent track record with regards to legal challenges, the Labour Group would suggest looking for an arbitrary settlement as quickly as possible.


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