Dundee long-term unemployed - largest annual rise of the 4 main Scottish cities

22 December 2011

Dundee has experienced the greatest increase in the number of long-term unemployed of the 4 main cities of Scotland in the past year.

The TUC survey "Christmas on the Dole 2011" shows that the number of those out of work for one year has increased in Dundee by 490 between November 2010 and November 2011.

The corresponding rise for Glasgow was 395, for Edinburgh 345, and for Aberdeen 215.

In November 2010 there were 595 people out for work in Dundee for one year.

By last month, the figure had risen to 1,085, an 82 per cent increase.

The increases for the other three main cities were less.

For Glasgow it was 7 per cent, for Edinburgh 21 per cent, and for Aberdeen 72 per cent.

Commenting on the Dundee figures, Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council, said,

"This rise in the number of long-term unemployed and the overall number of long-term unemployed are damaging both for Dundee as a city and for the individuals who are personally affected .

"It’s time for decisive action to reduce the jobless total and paid for by popular proposals such as Labour’s £2billion tax on bankers’ bonuses.

"More people of the dole is not the way to restore the economy .

"What we need are more jobs and more people in work paying taxes."

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