Kevin Keenan : Industrial Tribunals 

24 July 2013


We have had two recent very high profile Industrial Tribunal Judgements found against Dundee City Council, with another being progressed as described in The Courier.   

As Councillors, we all have a duty to protect the public purse which under the Councillors’ Code of Conduct limits the comments an elected member can make.

However, the cost of these Industrial Tribunals must be quite considerable both in lost time for those employees who are called to give evidence and of course the financial cost for legal representation.

The first case ended in a very damming 70 page report, and having read all of the report I firmly believe there are lessons to be learnt by Council.

I have contacted the Head of Democratic and Legal Services for a copy of the second Tribunal findings to see for myself if any of Council policies were not followed.

Perhaps there is not enough political oversight of personnel matters/human resource management of the Council, whilst protecting the public purse we also have a duty as an employer to our employees.

Past Councils had an HR Director reporting directly to its own Committee.   

The Department also had a dedicated Convenor keeping a political overview.   

Perhaps this should be re-introduced as these high profile cases do nothing but damage to the Council’s reputation.

Policies and rules are in place to ensure the smooth running of the business and in turn, deliver fairness to each employee as they know what is expected of them by Dundee City Council as their employer.




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