Dundee jobs : The Private sector needs a Strong Public Sector

Kevin Keenan

25 January 2012

The organisation Centre for Cities has predicted that by 2016, Dundee could lose 2,700 jobs in the public sector, and that the city has one of the lowest ratios private to public sector jobs in the country. ( 1.45 )

Commenting on these findings, Councillor Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council said,

"The private sector is very much dependent for contracts of work from the public sector in housing, roads, and education .

"So there should be no suggestion that the public sector is holding back the private sector.

"As a result of cuts imposed by both the UK and the Scottish Governments upon the public sector,  organisations such as councils have seen their spending reduced severely.

"This was meant to give the private sector the opportunity to come up with many replacement jobs , but that hasn’t happened.

"When councils have cuts imposed on them, private sector organisations such as construction companies are hit as a result, with staff being laid off which means more unemployment , more money spent on unemployment benefit, and less money coming in from taxes paid when construction workers were in jobs.

"This means more Government borrowing, which increases the deficit.

"The private sector can only benefit from a strong public sector , such as local councils.

"We work in a co-operative spirit with the private sector."



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