Tribute to Ian Borthwick 

Kevin Keenan

The text of Kevin's speech at a ceremony in the City Chambers, Dundee to mark Ian Borthwick's 50 years as a councillor

Ian Borthwick was firstly elected  as a councillor in 1963  to Dundee Town Council when I was only four and a half years old, and since that time he has given 50 years’ contribution to civic life here in Dundee .

In 1975 , local government saw Ian join Tayside Regional Council with a further reorganisation in 1996 which saw him join Dundee City Council.

I have not tried to establish the number of times Ian would have had his name on a ballot paper, or tried to guess at the number of times that ward boundaries would have been changed over these 50 years.

But Ian has never had any difficulties at election time.

A secret  weapon helping Ian - his mother, a well respected lady from Downfield who helped a lots of people in the dales do their gardens  (that type of help is a vote winner)

I recognise that Ian has always had the support from his family.

His wife Linda has been at his side all the way.

She’s been the one at home taking the calls from constituents whilst Ian was out at surgeries or meetings.

Linda, I think you deserve an enormous thanks from the people of Dundee

Ian sees his role as a councillor to be one of a privilege.

However it's a tribute to him that the public have continuously supported him throughout the numerous elections.

As a Councillor, Ian was Deputy Lord Provost and was chair of many major committees including Social Work, Police and Fire, Public works, and also Leisure & Parks

Social Work is an area that I know Ian still takes a very keen interest as he seeks to look after some of the city's most vulnerable people.

Ian cares about people, the people he represents and the people most affected by our decisions.

Ian and Linda brought up a family, a son and daughter, and he worked 30 years with Age Concern, 26 years as a Magistrate and JP,  22 years serving the Health Service.

As a family man, he is very proud of his children, and would you believe it, like every grandfather (myself included) talks with real affection whenever he talks about his grandchildren. 

Ian said they are just like buses -  you wait forever and then two turn up at once)

Ian was an officer with Age Concern where Ian would have been shaping the policies of that organisation to help elderly people across the UK.

Ian's interest in people, particularly those getting a little older, along with his interest in Social Work, Health, has seen him as an ambassador by so many groups in this city, all knowing that he would work with them for a positive outcome.

He served for 26 years as a  Justice of the Peace , and also served as Magistrate, Justice of the District Court,  and Police Judge

For myself, the  first time that I was in a court I had the privilege to sit in the big chair - with Sheriff Davidson in the dock.

Think of the individuals in this city that would have liked that opportunity

Ian as a Magistrate would have treated everyone fairly, as that's the measure of the man .

His involvement in the community includes member of the Children's Panel Advisory Committee and  Justices of the Peace advisory committee 

22 years as the patient champion in  health with  Dundee , Tayside Healthcare, Tayside University Hospital NHS Trusts

Here are some of the various positions tht Ian held

Chairman corporate governance committee

Chairman of the endowments committee

Member of the Clinical Governance committee

Member of the audit committee Tayside  NHS Board

Member of the Finance and resources committees Tayside NHS Board

Consultative panel on the registration of nursing homes and independent hospitals

What is there left for me to say ?

It's a pity you're not involved with the NHS now.

If you were, Ardler would have a dedicated doctor who would take a lead in improving health outcomes for our community  

Well it's hard for me to keep the politics out a speech !

At the election time you got my second vote, quite selfish of me

I know to put myself first; however I think you got Nannette’ first preference vote.

As a friend, ward colleague and my councillor ,

Ian, it's always been a privilege

Thanks for your friendship and helpful advice

And on behalf of the Strathmartine ward and the people of Dundee, thanks for your never ending commitment and endless achievements .


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