The number of those in permanent jobs in Dundee falls by 4,300  in two years

26 August 2013

Kevin Keenan, Labour group leader on Dundee City Council, has commented  on new official figures for those aged 16 and over in permanent jobs on Dundee.

In the 2 year period from 2010 to 2012, the number of those in permanent jobs in the city fell overall by 4,300.

The number of those in non-permanent jobs rose overall in the same period by 1,100. 

The percentage of permanent jobs in the workforce in Dundee is now the lowest of the 4 main Scottish cities.

Councillor Keenan said,

 "More permanent jobs are crucial to the success of our city because they help to make the local economy grow.

"Permanent jobs are more likely to be better paid than temporary ones and they provide greater job security

"With longer term employment prospects individuals and families have more of an opportunity to start planning their future.

"We want Dundee to be able to take advantage of all opportunities for economic growth that would come from more permanent jobs in the city. "


Number of permanent jobs in Dundee  2010 - 57,700 ; 2012 - 53,400
Permanent jobs in the 4 main Scottish cities
  % of all jobs in 2010 % of all jobs in 2012  
Dundee 94.1 92.0  
Glasgow 93.8 93.6  
Edinburgh 93.4 93.5  
Aberdeen 93.0 94.3  

Source : Scottish Government



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